Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin (1837–1914)

A pleasant land looms up against the sky:
Green hills and slopes, bright with perennial spring,
And domes and airy spires, faint glittering
Through their light wreaths of sea-mist, greet the eye,
While, floating wildly o’er the deep-blue sea,
The boatman’s music lulls the enchanted ear.
Sicilia’s island this, the sister fair
Who sweetly smiles on vine-clad Italy:
Alike the sharer of her sons of song,
Her black-eyed maids, her heroes, and her arts;
And drunk alike with blood of patriot hearts,
She rises, phœnix-like, from tyrants’ wrong,
And asks thee, traveller, if thy wandering e’en
Have ever gazed upon a lovelier scene.

Samuel_Greene_Wheeler_Benjamin  Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin was an American statesman and Journalist. His parents were American missionaries in Greece. Born in Argos, Greece, but then educated in the United States, he pursued careers as a journalist, author, and diplomat. Wikipedia

Born: 13 February 1837, Argos, Greece
Died: 19 July 1914, Burlington, Vermont, United States

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2 thoughts on “Sicily

  1. Beautiful poem and gives truth to this island, indeed.

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