Equipment for my Macro shots

In this post I show you the equipment I usually use to achieve my macro shots.
From the photos you can see that I use Nikon cameras and lenses with the help of bellows system.
I also have a stand homebuilt that allows me to keep all the components used very stable.
Two flashes with wireless control and a continuous light used to focus.
A fluid head and a macro focus rail.
A lab jack scissors that I use as a stage.
A laptop and a giant screen that helps to focus.

The rest is creativity and a lot of fun!

Below I will also add some examples of photos at different degrees of magnification

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4 thoughts on “Equipment for my Macro shots

  1. The big screen to aid focusing is a great idea, I’ll have to try that! What sort of magnification do you get from that reversed 50mm mounted on bellows? -Verne

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  2. Wow! Very elaborate and what outstanding work!

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